Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At what age can a child in Ohio choose his/her residential parent?

Most cases, teens want to move in with the other parent because the residential parent won't give them what they want; but this is different. My father has been emotionally neglecting me since I was around 5. He is also extremely strict. Yeah, normal for parents of teens, but its unbelievable. If i have a social networking page, he must be on my friends or I cant keep it. If I hang out or stay with a friend, he has to know their parents and trust them (which takes awhile). When staying with a friend, I can't stay if she has a male sibling. I can't stay at home by myself after dark. I must be watched when walking to my next door neighbors. ANY male, even just a friend, has to meet my dad. I can't ride in any car with any teenage driver. the list goes on and on. My therapist agrees and told me there is no repairing me and my fathers relationship and it'd be best if i move in with my mother. I'm turning seventeen this December. (but he can't get involved with custody cases.} He told me all I had to do was stand before a magistrate (or w/e) and testify that I want to move in with my mom and it would be done. But is it true? including my case? Please answer quick.

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