Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did I do the right thing? Help?

Okay, I'm 13, and I had a megaa fallout with some friends. And one of them had a picture of me when I slept at hers, it was of me sleeping, (not ugly, cute baby sleeping) but my boob has hanging out my pj's. They were passing it around the class and everyone was going pornstar much?? And calling me a whore. Full on bullying me. I shouted at all of them to go **** themselves. And my science teacher screamed at me'ill see you afterschool young lady!!' then he caught them passage the pic, so he took it from them and looked at him, and, er, he got an erection....:S I went to go see him after school. And he told me to control my language.. And gave me work to complete, I was stuck on one question.. So he came to help me, and half way through, he whispered in my ear, you were really sexy in that photo. Then started kissing me.. I was scared and didn't even move.. until he touched my breast. Then I ran out of the room... I reported him to the police. And now his kids and wife hate him. He's got no job, and probs goig prison.. And I have to go to court to testify!! Did I do the right thing? I feel bad even though I hate him for what he did...

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