Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Third party statute laws in the state of connecticut?

A grandmother is sharing custody of her granddaughter with primary residence in her home. she has financially and emotionally supported this child for 9 years without any financial support from the mother or father. The grandaughters mother claims that she was not allowed to contact her daughter because the grandmother was obstructive in the visitation, the father is a known felon and drug addict. the mother has many males in and out of her house. right now the grandmother has emergency temporary custody of the child and mom and dad are now fighting for visitation. they all live in the state of connecticut. the grandchild is only 9 years of age and is not allowed to testify as to who she wants to be with. Is it legal to just leave your kid with her grandmother, not pay any kind of child support.? the grandmother has always looked out for the best interest of her grandaughter. she has 9 other grand children and was not suffering from empty nest syndrome. When does a child get to start living her life and how long does she have to wait for her parents to grow up and get it together?

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