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Can a 39 year old man go to jail for having consensual sex with a 17 year old in Pennsylvania?

His family and my family are threatening us both that if we have contact, they will turn him into the police. We both live in Pennsylvania. I did the research and from what I have found, the legal age of consent is 16. Can it be fought that he cant be put in jail and/or charged with anything? If I testify in his favor will that help him any? If he can be charged, what are the possible things he can be charged with so I can research them? Thanks

Does 1 John 5:6-8 Imply God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one?

Sure sounds like that. if the Father is the water, then we as fish, dependent upon blood, are surrounded by the Father and made up of what He is and know nothing else but the ocean.

What are some good rhetorical strategies to find in speeches?

I'm having trouble picking out the GOOD rhetorical strategies for JFK's inaugural speech. Just list off some of the less common ones that are good. Thanks for answers :)

Why do people stare at what i'm wearing?

When i go out women/girl mostly won't look at my face they basically check out what i'm wearing. Why? I don't wear revealing clothes, yes I know I dress nice and they probably think my outfit is cute but damn they make me feel insecure like I ain't attractive; by starring at what i'm wearing.

Im 29yrs old & always tired and lazy?

I never want to do anything. I've been like this for a little over a year, and it seems to be getting worse. All I want to do is lay around in bed, I take naps a lot throughout the day and sometimes can't fall asleep at night because of all my naps. I have 4 kids who are not babies anymore, and while im in my lazy mode my husband will take care of them. I feel like I have no energy to do anything or even play with my kids,or take them to the park or pool or ride there bikes because I feel so tired. And from me feeling so tired I feel like im always sick, ill always say my stomach hurts or I have a headache or ant excuse. And im never in the mood to have sex because I feel exusted and no energy. I will be honest I don't take vitamins because im scared to swallow pills I ain't even take meds for a headache. I don't exercise. I do nothing but lay in bed and watch TV. I just stopped working 3months ago in April I got fired because I didn't want to do anything but sit around,i worked at that job for 15yrs.and I've tried to fix this problem and I can't. What can I do to fix this problem does anyone have any ideas? Please. I need to be here for my kids. I feel like that show hoarders or addicted but in a different sense im addicted to being lazy! Please someone give me some advise!

BBC News: Chechens are guilty over Austrian murder? Will Chechen President testify?

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IF i do not testify and plead the 5th can i get in any trouble and will they drop the charge?

Do what your lawyer said. The case will likely be dropped and you will not be in trouble for pleading the 5th. But do not engage in any discussion with the prosecutor aside from telling him you want the case dropped and will plead the 5th if subpoenaed to testify. If the prosecutor learns from you that you made it up then you are in danger of being charged for filing a false police report.

I have 2009 dallas cowboy inaugural tickets and they are silver..i want to know if they are fake or real...?

it has a stadium seating chart on the back also with the miller lite loge and small words...also at bottom bar-code...these tickets are not used...

Is this separation of church and state? Is this a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?

Yes, it's a violation of everything which is decent and moral, and it's a good example of the danger that insane religious beliefs pose to our society.

New rap artist on the scene?

Your subject matter is kind of dumb, and it's obviously fake as hell. You didn't have many rhymes at all, and when you did, they were simple one syllable rhymes. You need a more complex rhyme scheme and a more real subject matter to improve.

How did Lincoln feel about slavery when he took office (based on his First Inaugural Address)? Compare this to?

How did Lincoln feel about slavery when he took office (based on his First Inaugural Address)? Compare this to what he wrote in the Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address. Did his feelings change as the Civil War continued?

Why do people say that the 'miracles' of the bible really happened, when they have absolutely no valid?

credible, or reliable evidence that they did? Are we supposed to just believe that miracles happened all the time around 30 AD, but don't happen now, and ain't it our bad luck not to have lived back then? Or is it just that the 'bible' is a storybook written by credulous and superstitious people and one that continues to be revered by credulous and superstitious people?

Please help with this history essay?

He reflected this by actually making this statement true, he made a very stable military and government. i can not think of any ways he did not reflect on it.

What did JFK mean in his speech when he said-?

In his inaugural speech when he said "If a free society cannot help the many who are poor (around the globe), it cannot save the few who are rich"?

I had a huge fight with neighbor ?

You should report him . I don't think you're allowed to completely block the street with your crap .

Can state put me in jail for bodily attachment charge if I dont testify for husbands strangulation charge?

State said theycould not prosecute without me and I am dropping charges however can they put me in jail under the bodily attachment law if I dont testify

Abraham Lincolns accomplishments?

I'm writing a paper for my history class on Abe Lincolns major choices and accomplishments as president. I already have the emancipation proclamation, the whole Taney and Habeas Corpus thing that happened, his response to the bombardment of Fort Sumter, and his inaugural address. These aren't in chronological order in this question but they are on my paper thus far. Are there any other accomplishments or important things Lincoln did that I can research and add to my paper. All help will be appreciated, thanks.

When testifying, does a rape victim have to be in front of an open court or can it be closed?

She will have to testify but I'm sure you can request the judge to close the court to the public during her testimony. Have the DA file a motion for a closed testimony.

My babys got circumsized?

Ok so my baby is 4 months old and he got circumsized when he was a month old... well now it looks like it may be infected.. and the daycare teacher said it doesn't look like they did it right... what should i put on it to help it heal.. I know I need to take him to the doctor but his apt ain't til later.. what can I do til then?

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, And the skies are not cloudy all day?

Leave it alone. Current teaching facilitates drug use, crime among students, and early dropping-out by kids waay to smart and worldly wise to remain in the classroom. In turn, this is good for the economy because it keeps police, guards, lawyers, court and corrections officers employed. It's a delicate balance. Bringing any degree of thoughtfulness, common sense, or wisdom into our school system should be punished harshly and immediately. Failure to control the controls we put on kids will eventually result in students believing it's ok to fly the American flag, pray in school, and before long there won't be a backward-worn hat or pair of baggy-*** jeans to bee seen in the halls.

Can you correct me ?? PLease :))?

If you need yahoo help, I recommend you to post few sentences then few and so on. Don't post them all together,

The Civil War had nothing to do with the fair treatment black people, so why does this excuse keep coming up?

WTF is your point, that the Civil War should never have happened and blacks should still be slaves. I wish I could make you a slave, then we would see how much intellectual crap you would vomit then.

What is a summary of George Washington's first inaugural address?

I have to be a "reporter" for history, and have to write an article report about George Washington's first inaugural address. I read it, but didn't understand it AT ALL. So can you please explain it to me in an easy way? Lol

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My Boyfriend Called Me A....?

Well you have a right to be upset.. dont listen to some of these stupid answers. First you have a right to be angry because he was LATE and stood you up!!!!!!!! (of course you need an explanation, you need to ask questions. Second he was drunk! Guys that abuse alcohol to the point that they forget or disrespectful may be alcloholics or abuse booze or drugs. And the reason they abuse alcohol or drugs because one of both of their parents did . They may also abuse alcohol because they were neglected or physically or sexually abused as a child... He probably need professional treament or help and you cant help him unless he wants help. You should also see a counsellor to see why you are attracted to such a person... where one of your parents an alcoholic too... do you think you deserve less. Have some confidence and please see a college counsellor of psychologist please. And him calling you names is emotional abuse... please dont take this crap any longer, it only gets worse and worse and he bad behaviour repeats especially when he gets drunk. Have some respect for yourself as well and tell yourself you deserve better. Its a vicious cycle. Sometimes love isnt enough, you need trust, respect and common sense in a relationship. You should leave this and work on yourself, he wont change, he is too young and usually dont unless they hit rock bottom... dont waste precious time when you can find a guy that doesnt drink or do drugs and has a job and has respect and honest when he says he will meet you somewhere...

What's Alicia Key's best song?

Your opinion. A friend and I are debating between "If I Ain't Got You" & "You Don't Know My Name", but if you don't agree with either, or want to choose between them, definitely do so!!!

How to do an inrtoduction paragraph to my paper?

what exactly did you mean by the impact it had on the "current" struggles of the common man? it just seemed a bit confusing. Also shouldnt this always be set in pesent tense? I dont know, those things just stuck out for me

Period was due on 25th June!?

well, its still early. you could just be PMS'ing. i get that way sometimes when i'm about to start my period. wait about a week and take a test if you dont start. being a few days late it totally normal.

Why do i keep letting my family down.?

you don't have to please anybody but yourself. when you do that others will begin to respect you. learn to love yourself first. the way to do it is to become aware of your self. become aware of your mind. your thoughts, emotions, feelings, imagination and all what's going on in your mind is what you need to control. everything begins with your feelings. learn to be aware of them, accept them, love them. they are neither good nor bad. when you begin to love every feeling in yourself, even in times of depression then those feelings evaporate and makes you feel good. Read the book 'How to love every minute of your life' which change my entire outlook of life. I was once like you trying to please everyone and got nowhere. Once you learn to love yourself then others will respect you and in turn it will be easy for you love them too.

Do i have to testify?

my brother in law is about to go to court and i do not want to testify. Can you be forced to testify?

What is a summary of George Washington's first inaugural address?

I have to be a "reporter" for history, and have to write an article report about George Washington's first inaugural address. I read it, but didn't understand it AT ALL. So can you please explain it to me in an easy way? Lol

You can bash Reaganomics, but.....?

People hate Reagan because they know he did more good than anyone in their party could dream of doing.

Who sings this part? 10 easy points.?

" You a sell out but I ain't buyin. Chop and disect a ***** like science. Put an end to your world like science"

Who do you call for help if?

Who do you call for help if you have been working for a business that a family member owns and you live in that persons house and you are told that your paychecks are being put in the bank for you and after 2 and a half years you find out that there never were any pay checks being pur in the bank for you. That the wages were never reported. That other than many clients who can testify to all the work you've done, and other employees testifying .....etc. The biggest issue at hand is even if nothing else the work would account for room and board. When you discover that you've been taken advantage of and decide to stop working for nothing, and get thrown on the streets without a paycheck or food - again this is after working 2.5 years full time and living there any housing protection to go to for prevention against being thrown out without notice and without any of the money I earned? What can I do? I guess I can't even file for unemployment becuase my work was not being reported. The locks were changed and I find myself homeless with no payvheck or food. Who do I go to report this? What rights do I have?

Christians are you testifying of who Jesus Christ in your life to those around you?

I give testimony as God gives opportunity. I probably miss one once in a while. But i try to be sensitive to opportunities to give reason for my faith.

My girlfriend still thinks sex is exremely painful-possibly because of our height difference?

no i suggest either a LOT more foreplay or she has a medical problem ---- it sounds like you are not doing it right because neither height or size are that relevant

Should an immigrant living in the US for 20 years speak English if testifying before congress?

That is tough. Once somebody becomes an adult it is difficult to learn a new language. I bet there are many English speakers who have lived in France for 20 years but they cannot speak French fluently. Children, however, can learn a foreign language easily.

Do i got a good body?

i am 16 i weigh 135 i got 15 inch arms im 5'10 got a six pack got a Pretty big chest im 53% muscle is that good an im 3% fat is that good i mean the 3% fat ain't good but i eat a lot an take protein so is this good

Can I testify in my parents Divorce Trial?

My Mom is suing my Dad for divorce. Can I testify in favor of my mom against my dad, so she takes his money? He is such an asshole, I cannot begin to explain, and we both believe he is bipolar. He treats us like **** basically. He acts like he's a good dad too which is ridiculous. It has gotten to the point where i told him I was going to kill him, thats how bad he is. My mom has no job and he always threatens us financially because that is his only hold on us. I try to have a relationhip with him but I can't. Sorry this is disorganized but I got into a huge fight with him a few minutes ago and I'm just typing my thoughts. i cannot begin to start about how bad of a dad he has been. Basically he had a bad childhood, and takes it out on us now. He seems to have so many problems, and he never can get work done. He threatens me all the time with financial stuff and just walking out and leaving.

Since everyone is mad at the Democrats or Republicans and things ain't good how about Ron Paul?

Yea i know end of the world, but hey at least when he wanted to audit the FED over 300 fellow Congressmen signed on and he would bring the troops back, although I know Prez Obama said he would immediately bring 10,000 by the end of next year. Hey folks lets try something else.

The father of my newborn is trying to gain custody and I'm afraid they will grant it to him?

I got a protection order against the father while I was pregnant around 5 months. As soon as I had the baby, he had someone call the hospital and ask if I was going to let him see the baby. I hung up and now I got a summons from dcse for paternity test coming up soon. I don't have a lawyer but I'm working on either having my grandma pay for one or get one pro bono if possible. He was extremely verbally abusive and physically abusive. He's an alcoholic and recently got charges for public intoxication and assault before that. He was on probation from the assault when he got the public intoxication. He's reckless and he gets in fights all the time with his gfs and with guys. He had me hooked on painkillers before I was pregnant then I got on Suboxone and doctor told me subutex was safe to take during pregnancy.. I'm worried he will use that against me in court although he doesn't have proof that I know of except he can get the ppl around him to testify. I also have a video of my 6 year old child saying he gave him beer because he gave it to him right before my mom took the lens cap off. When it happened I thought my son was joking because I didn't see it happen then he said Shh don't tell on me after my son kept repeating it. I'm so afraid they are going to give him rights to the baby and my baby will be exposed to a really bad environment and won't be taken care of properly. He's mentally ill and doesn't care about the well being of the baby he just wants the baby because he likes babies. He likes to make up and twist around stories to get what he wants and make himself look better. How can I keep him from getting rights??

Will Casey Anthony have to testify due to the fact she is the only witness to her so called sexually abuse.?

Will Casey Anthony have to testify due to the fact she is the only witness to her so called sexually abuse. Also the fact that she's saying her daughters death was a accidental drowning.

Does the xbox 360 4GB console come with 2 controllers or just 1?

and another thing people been saying xbox 360 ain't good to get cause it tears up real easy with the ring of death is it a good console?

Why was Lincoln wrong in this part of his first inaugural speech?

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."

I had an inaugural hernia repair two days ago and my bollocks are incredibl swollen and sore, is this common?

I had an inaugural hernia repair on the left side of my groin and now my nuts are reall swollen and sore, they also feel heavier, maybe a build up of fluid im not sure? Is this common after the surgery or shall i go back to the doctors again? Im also taking anti inflammatorys wether it will help i dont know.

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Any idea why 'Mystery Babylon[America]' falls to islam in 2018?

No. 9/11 and the Scopes trial are not related. And America is not going to fall ti Islam in 2018, or any other date for that matter. I agree with Corey. Where did you lose your tinfoil hat?

Did I do the right thing? Help?

Okay, I'm 13, and I had a megaa fallout with some friends. And one of them had a picture of me when I slept at hers, it was of me sleeping, (not ugly, cute baby sleeping) but my boob has hanging out my pj's. They were passing it around the class and everyone was going pornstar much?? And calling me a whore. Full on bullying me. I shouted at all of them to go **** themselves. And my science teacher screamed at me'ill see you afterschool young lady!!' then he caught them passage the pic, so he took it from them and looked at him, and, er, he got an erection....:S I went to go see him after school. And he told me to control my language.. And gave me work to complete, I was stuck on one question.. So he came to help me, and half way through, he whispered in my ear, you were really sexy in that photo. Then started kissing me.. I was scared and didn't even move.. until he touched my breast. Then I ran out of the room... I reported him to the police. And now his kids and wife hate him. He's got no job, and probs goig prison.. And I have to go to court to testify!! Did I do the right thing? I feel bad even though I hate him for what he did...

My dad is a drug dealer will he loose his house???UK ONLY?

My dad is a drug dealer he isnt a very nice person and has some suspecting neighbours I think someone will report him to the police anomonously. My Nan passed away suddenly 2years ago and hadn't written a will she had wanted the house to go to my brother and I but it went to my dad. I dont want the family house to be lost so my question is if my dad is arrested or reported for drugs will the house be taken as the police will obviously then know he doesnt work and therefore he doesnt pay tax. I dont think what my dad does is right but I couldnt testify against him im just worried about him loosing my dear nans house? UK answers only please thanks :)

Do police lie to victims/defendants?

My friends fiance was arrested for domestic assault, and she heard from our other friend that he had been beaten up/raped in prison- so she telephoned police to find out if he was ok- who assured her he was fine and it was a lie--- would the police have lied to protect her so that she wouldnt feel bad and still testify at court? Also, her fiance said that police had told him in prison that my friend was in a new relationship with someone else,(when she isnt) and that they are both being lied to by police. Is this possible?

Based on his First Inaugural Address, what did Lincoln believe would happen if states were allowed to secede?

Based on his First Inaugural Address, what did Lincoln believe would happen if states were allowed to secede? Did he think a state had the legal right to secede?

If this word " ain't " is still using in English ?

I am asking you all if this word " ain't" isn't correct English then why this word is allowed to be publish any books or newspaper in English language?

Help please can any one help me understand and answer the following?

Using your favorite Internet search engine, search for President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address. Watch, read, and listen to the media presented on President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address. In his speech, President Kennedy uses means of persuasion to win over his supporters and those who were possibly less than thrilled with his election. Suppose you opposed President Kennedy’s ideas and wanted to find fault with his speech. What steps would you take to evaluate his arguments?

Who can help me to intercede to God for His mercy when I die?

Well first off, there is a difference between being morally right, VS being saved! God is not looking for morally right people. He looking for saved individuals. Being saved mean, to believe that jesus christ is the sun of god, forsaking your entire life to allow christ to live on the inside of you so you can be his wittness here on earth. Sir, the fact that you feel remorseful about your condition let's you know that God is pulling at your heart, the devil wouldn't want you to even care about life after death. There is Hope for you, and God is yet full of Grace and mercy. My suggestion to you is to find pray that the Lord lead you to a Holinss church. There are so many ministries that are perverting the gosple, but you need a holiness church, holiness is God's Devine Nature, 2peter, 1:4 encouraged!

Why do conservatives idolize David Koresh/Waco?

I am a conservative and a GOP precinct delegate who knows a great many other conservatives. I have yet to hear even one of them express anything faintly resembling idolization of David Koresh.

If you refuse to testify?

If you are a suspect into a murder case and your lawyer suggests that you tell the detectives yourside of the story or you might be arrested can you tell the story and answer questions. But if there has to be a trial can you refuse to testify? If you didn't commit the crime but you probably was a accessory , will anybody be charged without you testifying? Or will what you told the detectives harm you. How will that work. No murder weapon, no evidence at all other than wittnesses that saw you that night

Do right wing proponents of intelligent design mind if we replace 'designer' with 'genie'?

If I read a night time story to my daughter and a frog is instantly turned into a Prince-this is a fairy-tale. But if the story takes place over millions of years:we call it science. No one yet has prove God does not exist. Nor has evolution been proven by science. The monkey to man fairy-tale is the religion of the deluded left!

Someone please help dont know what to do?

So me and my ex where together 12 yr and we have 1 child together we broke up about a month ago because I b**** a lot and I stoped taking care of the way I looked and he said he didn't love me like that anymore well since then he's been seeing someone who is 10 yrs older but he still kisses me and says he loves me and dosent want me to move on I'm moving to florida and I'm scared it might make it worse casue he ain't coming he said to me the other night he dosent wanna lose me forever but then he will say don't get your hopes up he said if it don't work out here he will move to florida eventually I don't know if he's ******* with my head or if he wants to be with me he said can't predict the future if we get back together but he kisses me says he loves me and acts like he wants to be with me I just don't know what to think what do u guys think????

At first Abraham lincoln said he had no purpose to meddle with slavery and then he signed the emancipation pro?

in his 1861 inaugural address Lincoln said "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so." in september 1862 he issued his preliminary emancipation proclamation. explain why and how this marked changed of policy took place

Is this a good song??? Kinda depressing. Dedicated to the girls who had their hearts broken.?

I suppose it's a fine song. You have Talent. But, you can't really ask someone if it's a good song if they haven't heard how it's suppose to sound. Good lyrics though..

How can a client be prosecuted for extortion when the client's attorney did the actual extorting?

What a rant. I went to the police about a rape and decided not to prosecute because they treated me so badly. This is not surprising.

Should USA have a non-interventionist policy?

I whole-heartedly agree with you. We have strayed so far from our original form that we have become that which we were meant to escape from in the beginning.

How did Lincoln feel about slavery when he took office (based on his First Inaugural Address)? Compare this to?

Abraham Lincoln was an honest man since childhood.In his locality he was called 'Honest abbe'.He always acted in honest remaining away from political foul game.The famous book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin" created sensation among people with least of sense.Abraham Lincoln was confident of banning slavery what he actually did.Money monger farmers of some states revolted in favor of slavery.It was a crucial time for an almost newly emerged nation . But Abraham did not stay back.Ultimately Truth prevailed.In Gettysburg Address he clearly declared equal Rights of all and all citizens , "The Govt. of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth."-

How does credit scores work?

I was asked this question and I don't know the answer, I think I should or everyone should but I ain't got a clue! How does you score raise and what way are points added/earned? Example, lets say you have a monthly car/mortgage/credit card payment or something else, each month you make a payment does that add points to your credit score or is it done some other way? Thanks!

I need help, idk what to do anymore. :(?

So basically me and my ex broke up bout 8 months ago cause he cheated. We was together for 4 years off and on. We was arguing and he was denying it then I said well is she worth it and he said no. I asked him if he was happy and he was like I'm not gonna answer that and I was like just answer it for me and I'll leave you alone and act like you don't know me. He said fine, I'm happy now I'm getting off cause I've gottta work. We ain't talked in forever...I've texted him apologizing and asking if we could at least be friends but I never got a reply. He's with the girl he cheated on me with now. Idk what to do cause I really do love him with all my heart and I've tried to move on 394857349 times but something always goes wrong or my heart ain't with it. I can't seem to get him outta my me please!

No job, no assets, Can I go to jail for debt?

You cannot go to jail. Small claims will grant the loan originator a money judgement against you and will be responsible to collect from you by either garnishing your tax return or wages. I would call them and work out a payment plan. But you cannot got to jail for failure to pay $400.

What happened to just asking a women out?

Crikey! Sounds like you have had to get that out like yesterday. Although I follow what you have said I get the distinct impression you have been going to the wrong places to meet the right girl. Perhaps you should try to just spend more time getting to know girls before asking them out thereby avoiding one disaster after another. Avoid the seeking. They used to say you will never meet someone if you go looking. Ask your friends who are happy with their girlfriends where they met; probably not the same places you have been going.

How many feel that this Seccession Gala is for pathetic Southerner LOSERS?

I agree. These people are two faced racist liars who claim to be "patriots" who "support the troops" and fight for "American principles", yet fantasize about life without the USA.

POLL FOR GUYS: Small or Thick Thighs? Small or thick Butt?

i Have Thick Thighs && Butt But its So hard to find Clothes that Show My Curves & Ain't to Tight. What Do you Like? Any Suggestions On Clothes Styles? Thanks.!

Testimony of Character Reputation?

mike can testify that he has never known her to get violent, but he can not testify to anything that he "heard"

What are Important American Documents Besides Common Sense, DOI, and The Constitution?

I would need one more to talk about for my first paper, I was going to Lincoln's Second Inaugural, but I decided against it. Would the Second Bill of Rights, By FDR be good because i would need a document to show the other opinion

Help on these two speeches? I need to analyze Kennedy and Lincoln's speech?

How does Kennedy's Inaugural Adddress and Lincoln's second outlast the occasion for which they were written in you opinion. How is it still making an impact in today's lives. Thanks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why do women and girls stare at my clothes?

Just like the other person said they might look at your clothes and they might be reall amazed by them,u might wear things that really stick out.........might stick out has nothing with being unnatractive

At what age can a child in Ohio choose his/her residential parent?

Most cases, teens want to move in with the other parent because the residential parent won't give them what they want; but this is different. My father has been emotionally neglecting me since I was around 5. He is also extremely strict. Yeah, normal for parents of teens, but its unbelievable. If i have a social networking page, he must be on my friends or I cant keep it. If I hang out or stay with a friend, he has to know their parents and trust them (which takes awhile). When staying with a friend, I can't stay if she has a male sibling. I can't stay at home by myself after dark. I must be watched when walking to my next door neighbors. ANY male, even just a friend, has to meet my dad. I can't ride in any car with any teenage driver. the list goes on and on. My therapist agrees and told me there is no repairing me and my fathers relationship and it'd be best if i move in with my mother. I'm turning seventeen this December. (but he can't get involved with custody cases.} He told me all I had to do was stand before a magistrate (or w/e) and testify that I want to move in with my mom and it would be done. But is it true? including my case? Please answer quick.

Who Kidnapped John Wembly?

Arnie Acker, how would he know the sweater would make them suspicious? (Unless they mentioned it to him? which I don't think this specifies.) So I think it's him.

Do i got a good body?

i am 16 i weigh 135 i got 15 inch arms im 5'10 got a six pack got a Pretty big chest im 53% muscle is that good an im 3% fat is that good i mean the 3% fat ain't good but i eat a lot an take protein so is this good

Car dealer scammed my girlfriend, will she get her car back?

so my girlfriend bought a car in a dealership and the cops came to her house months later saying the man is a scam artist who sells cars with salvage titles as clean titles and stolen vehicles..the cops then took her car and told her she would have to go to court to question is will she get her car back or will she get her money back or will she just be left empty handed..

Grade the current US on Thomas Jefferson's vision of government from his 1st Inaugural Address?

Negative 10 on each...Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and all those who fought for our freedoms would be ASHAMED...and well we should be also.

Preparing for first bike race?

Just hoping to get some insight while I get ready for my first cycling race. There is an inaugural criterium in my town at the end of this summer, and I'm hoping to ride in it. Only thing is, I have never raced before and I was hoping for some help. It is a category D event, but I don't know what that means. The course is about as flat as it can be. Any good training resources? And any idea what speeds I can expect in an event like this? thanks for any help

Based on his First Inaugural Address, what did Lincoln believe would happen if states were allowed to secede?

Of course he didn't think states had a right to secede. It would mean the destruction of the Union i.e. the United States and everything it stood for.

Definition of "ethical commitments".?

Hey so I have to write an essay on a couple different topics and one of them is ethical commitments. The basis of the phrase is that in Franklin D. Roosevelt's final inaugural address in 1945, one of the goals that he asked of the nation was to uphold their ethical commitments. I know the core idea of what "ethical commitments" means, but it isn't anything solid that I can put in an essay or write on. Can anyone give me a solid definition of what "ethical commitments" means in this context?

What's your religious IQ?

You base religious IQ in part on American political events and structures. Not all of us have Bush's speeches memorised!

Is this a good nascar editorial?

Very nice editorial. you got a point there with the ratings increasing...i think it could well correlate to whether 48 dominates or not.

I'm afraid what my brother will think of me?

ur brothers probably right. 14 is still very young and even though u think u r an adult because u have reached puberty u r still a kid. ur brother is 25 thats 11 years older than u. hes been ur age before so he knows wat ur going through and he is just trying to look out for u. i think u should probably stop trying to grow up so fast and enjoy ur childhood while u can before u end up getting hurt in some way by these older guys.

Do you think CPS is corrupt?

Some of the CPS agents are and use their power to disrupt families because they can, some are over cautious because of all the media coverage of their previous mistakes.}{

Can I be made to testify against husband?

If you have no direct evidence, there IS no need for you to testify. On the other hand, if you are called to testify, nothing you would say would have any bearing (since you know nothing)

What was President Abraham Lincoln`s formal declaration of freedom for slaves?

Answer: The Emancipation Proclamation. This did not actually free slaves, but indeed this was his declaration for freedom of slaves. The Gettysburg Address was a cemetary dedication at the site of the Gettysburg Battle 4 months after the end of the Civil War. I do not know about the others.

Cropped Jacket Problem? Girls only!?

that is hooooooooootttttttttttttttt i want it if u dont lol im really skinny u sound like it to wear it or give to me your mom is jealous cause she cant rock it like u

‘Tamil call stronger than proto-call’- Express on TN CM not receiving PM.Has ECO park issue become EGO issue?

where is the power of DMK ? How was it just 3 months ago ? i remember comedy actor vivek's joke ''eppadi irundha DMK ippadi Ayiduchi''. Let the people dash their heads in the walls.

What do you think of my joke about Kansas?

Paul and Jerry are talking to each other. Jerry says to Paul, do you want to hear a joke about Kansas. Paul says come on Jerry, don't do that. There ain't no way it ain't CORNEY

Can't people see generalizing is a defence?

Generalizing people is a defence. I would know. I do it all the time as a defence so I don't know why people condemn it. If you don't generalize, you'll get hurt, embarassed and discriminated against. I would know, as most people probably. And that sh*t ain't fun. So what do people expect? Everyone to just put themselves out there just not to appear bigoted? That's some bullsh*t. Everyone has the right to be intolerant whether liberals like it or not

RHH: Favorite album that you own.?

Hard copies only. "The Ugly Truth" is my favorite album that I own and I own"Illmatic", "It Was Written", "Liquid Swords", and "36 Chambers"; umad? But I'm also thinking of buying "Masters of the Universe" too, already own the album in mp3 format but I might buy the hard copy just so I own it. And if you don't buy albums, GTFO, this question ain't for you.

My friend testified in court against two girls who had baseball bats and tried to run her over with a car.?

The girls were convicted of aggravated assault and sent to prison. That night four male relatives of the convicted broke into my friend's place, had guns and pistol whipped her nearly to death. The police responded and she was taken to the hospital. Now my friend refuses to identify the men to the police, for fear of her life. I think she needs to identify them so they can be taken off the street, but it is not my life that is at stake. How can she be protected from relatiation if she identifies photos and appears in court to testify against the men? Should we follow her instincts and just forget about it?

Third party statute laws in the state of connecticut?

A grandmother is sharing custody of her granddaughter with primary residence in her home. she has financially and emotionally supported this child for 9 years without any financial support from the mother or father. The grandaughters mother claims that she was not allowed to contact her daughter because the grandmother was obstructive in the visitation, the father is a known felon and drug addict. the mother has many males in and out of her house. right now the grandmother has emergency temporary custody of the child and mom and dad are now fighting for visitation. they all live in the state of connecticut. the grandchild is only 9 years of age and is not allowed to testify as to who she wants to be with. Is it legal to just leave your kid with her grandmother, not pay any kind of child support.? the grandmother has always looked out for the best interest of her grandaughter. she has 9 other grand children and was not suffering from empty nest syndrome. When does a child get to start living her life and how long does she have to wait for her parents to grow up and get it together?

Why do history books and the media paint Lincoln as some sort of saint and the south as evil ?

I pretty much agree with you that often times people tend to oversimplify history where the matters are delicate, and assign good and bad where really there was more complexity. No one wants to seem to be saying that black slavery was okay.

Legal question concerning the defendant?

If a defendant refuses to testify at trial, can the prosecution tell the jury this is an indication that the person is guilty?

Question about strange final chapter to gospel of John:?

Jesus was basically saying mind your own business Peter, I will do with John whatever I wish to do to John.

Ladies, Rank these guys in order of hotness?

i only like a. omfggg. i love christopher drew ingle. <3 love of my lifeee. otherss are uggly. well thats bc i like the christopher drew style. :))

Im 17 turning 18 in a month and i like a girl who is 15?

I really like this girl, she ain't like all the girls you see in this slut generation. I want her to be my gf but im afraid of all the hate that Will be placed on me (it's seen as immoral and through sexual relations illegal) what should i do?

Is this the SEXIEST thing you've ever heard?

What is William Lloyd Garrison's main point in his "Inaugural Editorial"? What "facts" does he offer to support his position?

Should Willie Mays (and others) be kicked out of the HOF again for cheating?

He kept a bottle of liquid meth with him at all times; meth is and was a schedule 2 drug that he used illegally. Outfielder John Miller testified in a drug trafficking trial that Willie was instrumental in the spread of the drug throughout baseball. This is not an opinion this is fact. Sorry.

My brother was charged with a drug crime if i testify that it was mine an he had no knowledge cud i b charged?

If the drug was found in his possession, even you testify that the drug is your, it's not going to help him, but instead you will get yourself into trouble. Furthermore the Police will not just take your words easily. In short, never "confess" something that you have not done.

How do i drop domestic assault charges that i made against someone in the state of New Jersey?

On 6/11/11 my boyfriend and I got in a huge fight with my best friend in the room and then he started to grab me and a lot of other things happened but I ran outside after things got worse and one of my neighbors called the police and he was arrested. I didn't press the charges, but the state of NJ did and I just don't want to deal with this. I want to just drop the charges completely. How do I do that? Do I have to testify against it in court? And should I talk to his probation officer?

Will PYIC (Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference) happen again?

I went to JrPYIC At the last inauguration so I was looking forward to PYIC in a couple years. I also know about the lawsuit, but I was wondering if it would still occur regardless. Any feedback would be appreciated!!!

NASCAR Question 1994 Brickyard 400 Uncut sheet?

I have a 1994 Inaugural Brickyard 400 Hi-Tech(brand) Uncut Sheet of trading cards. I was just wondering if anybody knew how much this would be worth? I'm not looking to sell it just wondering what I am holding onto. Thanks A Lot!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Glidden commercial song?

Whats the name of the song in the Glidden paint commercial where the redneck is painting the roof and the nuns are on the rocks? The lyrics are: sun is shining in the sky...there ain't a cloud in sight

How do Christians deal with this contradiction from the OT 2D NT?

As others on here have already mentioned, there is no contradiction here. You're taking one set of principles towards a particular group of a particular time, and applying them to a different group in a different time. It makes no sense. YOU are creating the contradition. The Ezekiel verse is addressing JEWS that were part of the old covenant in the time before the messiah. The Galatians scripture is addressing GENTILES that are part of the new covenant living in the time after the messiah. The gentiles were never commanded to be circumcised (even in the OT). God does NOT change, nor has he. However times HAVE changed and there was no messiah when the Ezekiel scripture was addressed. The many of the old laws have been fulfilled by the coming of the prophesied messiah. Perhaps you should actually study the bible in Sunday school instead of quoting it out of context, then claiming that it is a contradiction. Such an action only shows that you don't know what you're talking about.

Is jailing drug users draining much of our financial resources for nothing,is it a big waste of time and money?

I have to agree. I dislike seeing people put into jail for using drugs. Especially something like marijuana (which will be legal very soon). If a person does have a bad drug problem then they should be given help/rehab. Not put in jail..

Why do people lean to their own understandings, when a person points out the many flawed verses in the Bible?

The only part of the bible that we are not to add to or subtract from is the book of revelations. In the other parts of the bible there are errors. The bible has been translated so many time and words mean different things in different languages never mind that words in biblical days meant different things than they mean now. For instance, hell is not eternal, Mary was only a virgin before Jesus was born, Jesus is not God, and so many other errors, but don't expect the churches to fix any of these errors, or they would lose their jobs.

Question about strange final chapter to gospel of John:?

Jesus was basically saying mind your own business Peter, I will do with John whatever I wish to do to John.

How much is a Houston Texans inaugural game tshirt worth?

I have a Houston Texans inaugural game t-shirt when Houston played Dallas on Sept. 8, 2002 at the Reliant Stadium. I bought it at the stadium and the tags are still attached and its in new condition. So does anyone know how much its worth?

Last week was the 50th Anniversary of JFK's inaugural speech...?

NCLB cut funding for most inner city history classes. The Fox labeled history "liberal" & gained approval for the cut.


I know some one who needs info because his pubic defender that represented him called no witnesses and did not let him testify and he was convicted for a crime he did not commit!

JFK's inaugural speech: What was the call to action?

"ask not what your country can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for your country"

How does president Obama adapt the way he uses language in different contexts?

He generalizes because he's a narcissist. He considers his audience and who the majority is, then adjusts based on that. He talks more ghetto when around a group of blacks, more white during television broadcasts, etc, etc. Nothing but a pawn.

I am representing myself in cicurit court?

I am representing myself in cicurit court on a case involving my ex-husband, and he has attain an attorney and his attorney want me to give her the names of my witness that i had subpeona to come to court and testify on what they know about the case that could help my case. Do I hav't to give my ex-husband attorney the name of my witness and tell her what they are going to say in this matter

Had a huge fight last night?

He is a lying, cheating #$%^^&& . Wow it was right there in black and white what more do you need? Just clowning my ***.

I have a question about someone that attended JFK and Lyndon Johnson's Inaugural Address?

I have the number 600 OFFICIAL DELUXE NUMBERED EDITION JFK INAUGURAL PROGRAM from 1961 that was passed down to me from my grandfather. Every person that received the inaugural program had their name engraved on the front bottom right corner. The name on my inaugural program is Ruth D. Payne. Does anyone know who Ruth D. Payne was? I have done some research and found a Ruth Payne that was the housekeeper for Lee Harvey Oswald. Is this the same Ruth D. Payne? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Now that evidence is coming out that Bush ordered the CIA to murder innocent people, will he go to jail?

Only if Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Berger, Albright, Levin, Waxman do the same. You Nazicrats would have had FDR charged with war crimes.

1st time wearing contacts?

so i got my 1st pair of contacts yesterday(ive had glasses all my life) and the eye lady put them in and took them out for me but she ain't let me do it myself(horrible mistake) soooo i wake up this morning and try to put them in but i cant, my eyes keep watering and i keep blinking no matter how hard im trying not to... so what are some ways i can get them in(ive been trying for about 5hrs now)... thanks

What is the name of this rock/punk Song?

I heard this song on the radio and it was a rock/punk rock song and all i really heard was I will testify (or i wont testify) and the last word i heard was Alright. I could barely hear it but I liked the music... please help sorry its so vague.

What do you think of these lyrics I wrote?

I like them! You're really creative. But you should really inform what genre of music you are aiming to use them in. I would recommend metalcore. It would really match IMO.

How can a spanish speaking person testify against a crime?

In a 5 unit apartment building strangers came over, they were stealing mail and if that isn't enough when they were confronted they impersonated internal revenue agents. One of them even flashed a phony badge. The trouble here is that there was some sort of identity theft issue later. A cell phone photo was snapped by one of the apartment's tenants but the trouble here is that the main witness knows nothing but spanish. So the crime remains unreported and there is a tenant there having credit card identity theft issues. Is there anything that they can do?

Is there any way to reduce my chest? (crossdressing)?

Ino this sounds like a really stupid question but is there any way to make my chest flatter instead of using a chest binder? I don't want anything to make it look smaller I want to make them smaller. I'm currently a size 36A which ain't that big it's just that I prefer dressing as a guy. I've got the hair, cloths and no curves but my damn breast keep bothering me all they do is make people look at me very questionably XD any ideas beside surgery?

My mom won't go anywhere with me because I wear scarves? Girls only!?

I wear the designed fashionable scarves, not winter scarves or anything like that but she says "it's embarrassing cause its so hot outside and you are with a scarf." I said "that is because of my style and I am a fashionable guy" I have seen a lot of girls wear fashionable scarves in the summer around. Even girls with scarves and short shorts. I ain't a girl but a guy but the scarf has become a part of me. I have two very thin ones too that I can wear in the summer time too. So what is your opinion on it? Like I know its really hot outside, but it doesn't bother me cause its a fashionable designed scarf not a winter one.

I wanna become a rapper, do you think I Can? Tell me what you guys think?

yes u can u sound awesome n just like any other rapper they have to start small and u just have to be confident u will make it

Does a father as a witness have to testify domestic violence between two adult brothers?

There's doctor-patient privilege, and spousal privilege, and lawyer-client privilege. But there's no such thing as father-son privilege. So yes, you would be required to testify if subpoenaed to do so.

Come time after GOP nominee is chosen, don't you suppose Obama is going to take off his gloves?

and show what a fighter for this country he really is? I know he is trying, but come time to for the real debate you ain't seen nothing yet. Better to save his best swings for a time when american people will have it fresh in their minds.

Casey Anthony - Items in the trunk?

Have I missed some testimony? Wasn't there a photo, early on, of items that were in the trunk of her car. Wasn't there a Gatorade bottle and a syringe? Did the prosecution have any witnesses to testify on those items?


First clarify your nationality as it will determine the law of the land under which you and your brother are being governed.

Can a judge comment on your demeanor in court?

Yes, it is the judge court room and if they feel that an matter of your conduct in court is not favorable or not helping your case they will and can. It is unfortunate but it is a reality question to you have you seen court room TV shows ?

Best Friend was murdered by a 17 year old who claim self defense. Best friend was unarmed?

My best friend was a hard working, loving gay male. He has always been a victim of robbery and was getting tired of being targeted. he formed a relationship close to God and had talks with me about me building a stronger relationship with God. One week before he died he told me he felt cursed. He just love to make people smile and laugh. He told me that he wasn't scared to die because he was almost murdered 4 years ago. He testified against the guy and they still let him go. So he had the 1st guy on the loose but didnt stop him from living his life. This last time in January he was shot in the chest while sitting in his car. His body was found hanging out of the passenger door which was strange (i guess he tried to crawl for help) I am devastated and numb but not surprised. We were inseperable and i talked about death alot. This boy lied and said my friend came on to him! My best friend knows not to do that. This boy stole my friend phone as well. he ran away but was caught WITH the gun in 10 minutes. he is facing 1st degree murder with dispute. Will he get Life

Help making a thesis on oedipus?

i need help making an thesis on oedipus using speeches i have a dream, give me liberty or give me death, inaugural address and the gettysburg address any suggestions that can really help me?

Can I take someone to court over a matter that they are legally right about but morally I am?

No. Without reading your explaination, I can tell you that courts do not enforce "morality", especially your percieved morality. They enforce the law, and if the law is against you, you cannot win in court.

Restraining ordera property manager serves me for his boss ie landlord?

owner is evecting me she falsafies a restraining order has her property manager serve it to me then in court he testifies against me judge says hes an indepandant wittness an is ok is that true

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where the hell is this so called God. Its all lies. im just going to kill myself?

God isnt real! I been trying really hard to get a job and I still don't have no job. Nor do I have family or friends. I hate this life so much and all people say is to Pray pray pray and keep praying. And for what? Pray to something that ain't real. How dumb is that. The white blue eyed demon made that God **** up for the hell of it. I'm sick of living and would rather just sleep forever. I don't care anymore. The only God is the damn government.

In his Inaugural Address, which two groups of ideas does Kennedy use to organize the majority of the speech?

His slogan "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" So I'd have to say D.

Isn't Barack Obama LIKE the greatest possible candidate for president LIKE in all of History ?

I'm so excited, I think I'll rent a tux and attend the inaugural ball. I wonder if Charlize Theron will be my date ...........she is single again. Hmmmmm ?

Do we have a chance at winning this case?

ok my fiance has 2 felony charges pending. we are going to court and i need to kno if we have a chance of winning. here is wat happened. we were at a friends house and my fiance was in the shower. the man whos house it was is a druggie and was high on heroin. he made a sexual comment toward me saying "since ur boyfriend is in the shower i guess that means i get to f*** u" and he got up to come towards me. i got up and left and so did another man that was w us. my boyfriend jumped out of the shower and beat the guys *** and left. the man called the police and said my fiance beat and robbed him. the man claimed he stole 45$ and his dope. my fiance never took anything. my fiance was on probation and ran from the police. He is being charged w strong armed robbery and aggrivated assult. do we have a chance of winning this case if myself and the other man that was there testifies on my fiance's behalf saying he only hit the man in my defense because he threatened to sexually assult me? there was no marks on the "victem". plus can we win the SAR charge if the police never recoverd wat was "stolen" and the "victem" is not creadible because he said my fiance stole his dope? i am pregnant w our first baby and i am trying my hardest to get my fiance off. i dont wanna raise my baby on my own. my fiance's criminal background is not good, he is a habitual offender and was on probation for a previous assult. Do we have a change?

What do you think of my rap lyrics?

In my opinion IT SUCKS! JK!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol its really good! Its seems like something Eminem would sing/rap!

What did you think of President Obama's inauguration speech?

It was way too long, and honestly I cannot remember a good catch phrase. It was elegantly said. It is unfortunate how he failed to carry through on the hopes of that day. Now instead of "yes we can" we have to say "guess he couldn't".

Is a verbal agreement legal in a bankruptcy case?

Someone owes me a lot of money and they have filed for bankruptcy(chapter 13) here in Pennsylvania. I am part of the proceedings and will get about 30 cents on the dollar of what is owed to me for 5 years. The couple filing made a verbal commitment to me (that was witnessed by at least 3 people) that they would continue to pay on the loan after the 5 years until it's paid in full. The law of course says the debt is satisfied after the 5 years. Is their verbal commitment to me enforceable if it would come to that? At least 3 people will testify for me that they heard and were witness to the conversation. Will I win if it goes to court on this basis? Thanks for all answers.

WRESTLING FANS! which of these RING ENTRANCE Themes is the worst?

Reverend D-Von's old theme ''Oh Testify''.I hated it,it was just like music you'd hear at mass I know that's obviously so it will match his gimmick of him being a priest but it was still terrible

A girl in my class always attention seeks and lies all the time?

i honestly have no idea what to do with those kinds of people there used to be this one girl that was kinda my friend and she would always tell me these fake stories and then when i talk about it to my other friends she's like no i didn't say that and lies again so one day i just said you know what you always lie all the time and i don't really like that. and i stopped hanging out with her so she leaves me alone and lies to other people so now its there problem but if you care about her than you should just keep trying to stop her from lying it should eventually work.

What to expect at my jury trial - I was the victim of assault?

You will have to be present for the time that you testify but if one of the attorney's ask to recall you after your testimony you can be held until the trial is over. Appear at the time your subpoena states and the states attorney will advise you on the procedure.}{

Obama admin runs gun op, gets people killed, another Obama fail?

You got fanatic neo-Con gun worshipers who'll do anything and everything to hamstring reasonable gun control legislation, and you're whining because law enforcement can't control the flow of illegal guns? What have you been smoking???

Can anyone help me on Abraham Lincoln?

Okay im supposed to write a Rhetorical essay on Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. The problem im having is trying to understand what he is saying and how to put it in a rhetorical essay. can anyone help?

Who and how can i sue for a crime i didnt commit?

i was arrested for robbery that i didnt commit just so happen the person had on the same colors as me but i had on jeans and the person had on shorts i was taken down and sat in jail for a month the victim came to court to testify and said they had the wrong person

Why have farmers not counter sued Monsanto for GMF invasion?

Thats simple ......Monsanto only sues companies that actual make a business selling or cleaning the seed that was produced illegally. If a grower has a fraction of their seed as GM it is just a result of co-mingerling of the seed but if the seed is 90% GM it can only be produced through deliberate production of GM seed and if that is Monsanto Gm trait that is covered by a patent they have a right under the US constitution to sue. Patents are part of the rights of all Americans and if someone deliberately steals it then they can be stopped when they lose a lawsuit. You need to stop believing the crap you see on the internet. 99% of farmers that use GM crops are law abiding and often these farmers are the ones that are fed up of someone amongst them not paying their fair share. Also come 2014 they will be able to get the RR beans for free even though Monsanto will have to pay for maintaining the government required safety requirements. By the way this doesn't apply to corn. There is no cross contamination of corn seed through pollen.

What does this mean!?

I told this guy the reason why I am shy I'd cause i got bullied and he's like well I ain't gonna lie ur fine no homo so those kids are jealous

I feel like useless and really ugly?

Well I really feel like useless and I look really ugly and girls don't seem interested in me and feel like I ain't good at anything and kinda short in height wise and I guess it's all about being tall and looks and size of a wallet.....

My Neighbor Impounded My Pitbull?

I was babysitting a 10 year old, a 9 year old and a 4 year old. My pitbull, Seven, was with me. i checked with the parents (whom i've known for many years) and they were just fine with it. the boys (10 and 9) asked me to check out something in the bushes and their baby sister was sleeping with Seven and i was only gonna be gone for a second and they were always in my line of sight (i didnt turn my back at all) but from the street it looked as though i'd left the baby with a vicious dog. my neighbor (a strong advocate against all dogs) saw this and raced over, gabbing Seven by her leash, literally dangling her off the ground. i ran over and told him what happened and tried to get him let the dog go, but instead he called animal control and had her impounded. now that there's accusations against her (verified or otherwise) its next to impossible to get her released without another eyewitness contradicting the charges. im scared that they're gonna put her down before i can find another person to testify. what can i do? please help

Im 29yrs old & always tired and lazy?

I never want to do anything. I've been like this for a little over a year, and it seems to be getting worse. All I want to do is lay around in bed, I take naps a lot throughout the day and sometimes can't fall asleep at night because of all my naps. I have 4 kids who are not babies anymore, and while im in my lazy mode my husband will take care of them. I feel like I have no energy to do anything or even play with my kids,or take them to the park or pool or ride there bikes because I feel so tired. And from me feeling so tired I feel like im always sick, ill always say my stomach hurts or I have a headache or ant excuse. And im never in the mood to have sex because I feel exusted and no energy. I will be honest I don't take vitamins because im scared to swallow pills I ain't even take meds for a headache. I don't exercise. I do nothing but lay in bed and watch TV. I just stopped working 3months ago in April I got fired because I didn't want to do anything but sit around,i worked at that job for 15yrs.and I've tried to fix this problem and I can't. What can I do to fix this problem does anyone have any ideas? Please. I need to be here for my kids. I feel like that show hoarders or addicted but in a different sense im addicted to being lazy! Please someone give me some advise!

Questions on Casey Anthony trial?

In my opinion there is a lot more to this story then we know of. Only time will tell the whole story and the truth.

Whose this song dedicated too?

Is Chris browns song "she ain't you" dedicated to Rihanna. Hehas a part in the song when he says, "...with you I had a bad romance..." so what do you think??

What time do the doors open at Klitschko vs Haye?

I'm going to watch haye vs klitschko live this Saturday in Hamburg and it says on the ticket, 8 pm. Does this mean the fight starts at 8 or does it mean doors open at 8 and the fight ain't on until later?

Are Capricorn (zodiac sign) cursed and hated, honestly?

hey sweety .. you are completely wrong.. capricorns are not cursed and hated .. by all that i've read about you, you seem to be a frank girl, and can say very independent at this age, and thats really good.. my dad is capricorn too, and he is very lucky and very well loved by everybody .. those who don't know you, and don't even make an effort to know you is a disadvantage for themselves.. they don't know that by knowing you they could be having a really good friend or girl friend .. don't think like this dear, capricorns are not hated.. you are a lucky girl and don't pay attention to what others say or think about you .. keep smiling and never be depressed ... take care

Officially confused with this C++ programme that used to work?

You mistake is calling cin.get() , with no parameter it should be cin.get(Input,256) where Input is the name of the variable to store the input and 256 is its length in characters. Without parameters it will build probably error free but it will do nothing.

In one sentence, identify the predominant theme of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address.?

I would say the predominant theme in Barack Obama's Inaugural Address was "A New Birth of Freedom", a phrase from the Gettysburg Address, served as the inaugural theme to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth year of Abraham Lincoln.

How's the start of the story?

I like it, It actually reminds me of the story i'm writing right now. You have defiantly manged to convey the mood and atmostere of the area and world, and your character sounds really intersting, I think youv'e done well, I hope you want to publish it one day, if you keep up at the rate and quiltiy you have gotten so far it is defiantly in your reach but its still a little early to tell.

What's a good song that talks about how a guy cheated and feels like he messed up cause she's nothing like you?

What's a GREAT song about a guy cheating on you and realizing he made a mistake cause she ain't nothing like what he had and now wants everything that he had back??

Do police lie to victims/defendants?

My friends fiance was arrested for domestic assault, and she heard from our other friend that he had been beaten up/raped in prison- so she telephoned police to find out if he was ok- who assured her he was fine and it was a lie--- would the police have lied to protect her so that she wouldnt feel bad and still testify at court? Also, her fiance said that police had told him in prison that my friend was in a new relationship with someone else,(when she isnt) and that they are both being lied to by police. Is this possible?

If Scotland wants to break away from Britain why have they not done it already?

You read too many newspapers. Who told you Scotland want to break away. I'm Scots and I don't believe or want it to happen, neither did my family or friends. I believe the union is the only way forward. It will always be a talking point.

Help with qeustions relating to TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD ASAP!?

Hahahahahahaha there are 9 essay questions and 18 other questions. Nobody's going to do them for you. Please proceed to your nearest library and borrow a copy of the book!

Should I testify or not?

I am being sued because of a ridiculous fenderbender and the plaintfiff is asking a ridiculous amountof money. I have to go to court pretty soon i guess because both parties cannot settle. I have an attorney from my insurance company but when i try to contact him he is never around. i leave several messages but no call backs. I was wondering since i do have an attorney what would happen if I dont attend the trial? What would be worst case scenario?? has anyone been through this type of thing?? Please serious answers only. Thanks!!!

Could you help me prepare a Vote of Thanks?

It's our school's sports day.I am the school leader and have to deliver a vote of thanks in the inaugural function.I'm used to it.I always prepare it myself but now when I prepare it,I feel a monotony.I use the same words and phrases like 'I would like to thank...' , 'I keep on record a special sense of gratitude to...' and so on. I would like to avoid that repetition found in all my speeches(vote of thanks).Could you suggest me something new ? And general guidelines on that?Thanks in advance!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is there hope for me to be great at Parkour?

I'm 17 years old, about 30 pounds overweight and in decent physical shape for my body (which isn't saying much), but I can run pretty fast for decent distances and take anything you throw at me. I have a lot of determination, and have a lot of potential. I really want to be great at Parkour, like the guys you see performing throughout the cities. Is there hope? Can anyone tell me if there's anything I can do to start training for Parkour and learning some of the techniques? I don't accept people being jerks here like "No fatty there ain't no hope for you just give up." If you post something like this your comment will be reported.

Do you think "belief" is a matter of choice?

People say they believe in God. breaking that down in reality means we have faith in God. Faith that he is, that he loves us, and that he is always there for us. I believe in God but i know with a fact that i have never seen him. Belief in God comes of faith, witch we choose to exercise in him. I believe as we continue with this faith in him and do what he asks of use our knowledge will become stronger. Our faith here on earth will not be a perfect knowledge of him until that one day we stand at his feet and praise him as our God.

How come Obama's Department of Justice won't let Melson testify about guns walking to Mexico?

Do you honestly expect this regime to allow the truth to be told? This would be utterly unprecedented for them.

Am I being too subtle or something?

hahaha just talk to him ;) Im sure it will turn out well and if it doesnt there plenty of fish in the sea!

I wanna become a rapper, do you think I Can? Tell me what you guys think?

I like your rhymes but the question is do you think you can make it ? instead of asking other people ask yourself do you believe in yourself don't listen to the haters it's all you. If you like your lines and think you can go big time dedicate your time to working on your rhymes. You are what's holding you back. So ask yourself the question am i good enough to make it?

Can a judge comment on your demeanor in court?

Actually they factor in how you act, whether they admit it or not. The reason is to consider if you are likely telling the truth.

Politics: What do you think about what has been said?

Here's what I think. I think that if this is what you believe, you need to run, not walk, to the nearest psychologist's office and get some long term help and counseling.

Someone said in my first question; I am in a bloodsport asking Christian questions?

Ok I have just started and new on this site. Some answers I got were very cruel and I will prayer for those who protest! I ain't some push over!!!! I used to be a drug dealer and I ran an agency of security men and door persons. I have been dragged up in very bad suburbs and I found Jesus and I am very knowledgeable with the word of God! Never ever belittle me or patronise me! ( Thanks to the Christians and those who may not be that gave positive answers! Question! Do you fear the Lord? (by the way this is not a threat, I am asking you not to treat me like an imbecile)!

What causes a defendant like Casey Anthony to be a compulsive liar?

Obviously she didn't want to get convicted. What better way than to not tell people you did the crime?

If I get subpoenaed as a victim and tell the prosecutor I do not wish to testify, will the case be dismissed?

I wanted all charges dropped and didn't realize all this court stuff was going to happen. I just want this whole thing to go away.

Investigate a type of public talk, such as political speeches?

I have an English GCSE tomorrow (3 hours - 3 sessions) and I need to investigate and analyse Obama's inaugural address? I don't know how to structure it and what to write?!?!?! I AM FREAKING OUT

I have a gear head webcam but i cant work it..?

i was given a gear head camera(just the webcam itself. it has a USB and sound plug. no book, no pamphlet no nothing) and i haven't ever owned a webcam so I'm not sure what to do. I tried to install something from online but it didn't work. And obviously just plugging it in ain't doing nothing so i would just like to know what i should download in order to get it to work :) thanksss

Y&R...........Does anyone think its time?

maybe Nick should go after Phyllis for full custody of Summer......and let Michael represent Nick in court....and Rafe can watch and see how a real lawyer works.....let Michael bring ALL Red's indiscretions out in the public....let Danny Romalotti testify against her in court......let Daniel reverse his decision and go for custody of Lucy....and kick the despicable person the.... woman he use to call mother.

How does one testify at their own injury trial?

Of course they should be totally honest and not try to dramatize their testimony, but how do how they appeal to the jury's humanity?

Some of America's biggest public issues?

I need to write an inaugural speech for class and i need some issues to discuss. preferably with some detail? help please. thank you in advance

Why is Obama disrespectful to the Congressional Medal of Honor?

I attended a Medal of Honor presentation several years ago. I was disappointed that the Presentation was not made by the president. I will not say when or who because that would give too much personal information.

Do Quadra cuts extreme work?

I was wondering if this actually works because ive been using it for like a week, and I haven't been feeling any different. I don't even feel jittery or anything. My body temp seems normal despite the thermogenesis, I am rather fit, though I need to lose about 5 or less pounds of fat. Despite this seeming ineffectiveness, I can testify to a great decrease in appetite. If these don't work, what does? I have a rudimentary six pack but I really want to get more cut can anyone help me?

John F. Kennedy - Inaugural address?

society is not government he also said ask not what you country can do for you but what YOU can do for your country. but the libbies ignore that to. -... ....

Please help mee!????? Please read this question!:"(?

1st? if you have a sister that has a daughter , and has a husband that sexually abused me . would you fergive her or not? i strongly dislike her very much because he did it too me more than 100 times . it started when i was 6-13 and im 14 now, he is in jail now but she visits him and we had court yesterday and i saw him all our family saw him but my sister started fighting with us and dosnt want me to testify and to not talk to my attorney or to my detective. I am not selfish . i have strong feelings, i think i am very brave. i honestly dont want to talk to her for a long time. because i was so closed on being raped by her dumb husband and its like she dosnt even care? . he did it for almost 10 years and she cares for him alot because supposibly she only visits him for my niece but i know thats not true, she crys for him we always argue for him and im honestly tired of her. shes a selfish excuse me a selfish *****!. she dosnt even care for my feelings so why should i care for her? yet she suffers of what he did not it wasnt my fault i was just a child. what should i do? Please answer. \:

IVE got a question about inaugural speeches for presidents pass?

Presidents PAST are in a club all to their own. Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders for 4 or 8 years and you have paid some hefty dues.

Is it better to kill a bugler or wound him/her?

You shoot to stop. You don't plan ahead about killing or not killing. And you don't shoot the person any more than is necessary.

Who thinks Casey Anthony will testify ? If she does , will it be a mistake ?

I hope she does because the prosecution will rip her to shreds. But, her lawyers will never allow it. Part of the reason they tried to have her declared incompetent recently was because she wanted to take the stand. They know it would be suicide.

How much is this worth...?

My brother has a Houston Texans 2002 inaugural season football that he's willing to sell. I'm pretty sure it's in mint condition, as he never really cared about it. How much would that be worth? & if we were to put it on eBay (never used eBay before), what should be the starting price?

Changes....i haven't it in the genes (in the family)?

I cannot imagine why your complaint about the gene pool of your family would be in the Genealogy Category, however, that is where it ended up. Yes it is genetic. When your mother is 65 and you are in your 40's you will appreciate the gene pool. I am told all the time I don't look my age and some people are not mistaking my son for my husband, because he looks his age. Be grateful there are much worse things you could have inherited.

What does fine mean??!?!?

I told this guy the reason why I am shy I'd cause i got bullied and he's like well I ain't gonna lie ur fine no homo so those kids are jealous

Friday, August 5, 2011

Why must people put their entire lives on facebook?

MySpace and Facebook use to be cool, now MySpace is dead and everyone has Facebook, I have old relatives on Facebook, and now I can't post retarded nonsense on there cause they always critiscizing my comments, I tried blocking them to where they can't see my wall and they flip out on me, I tried deleting my account and they flip out on me, and all they put is when they pooped, where they pooped , what color it was and how it smelled, I don't want to know every detail of my families lives, I also hate it when i meet someone and they send me a friend request. Wtf? Then they all like, how come u didn't accept my friend request? I guess cause we ain't friends, wanna drink a beer? What is with people and Facebook? ??????

Does anyone seriously think that Barack Obama can be compared to Donald Trump regarding economics?

I like your take....Obama clearly knows NOTHING about economics...and neither does anyone in his administration. I am starting to like trumps campaign.....I thought it was strange at first but after listening to him I have to say he is not a bad candidate, and definately not a "politician" as you say.

Is this a good intro about lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln also know as "Honest Abe" was the 16th President of the United States of America. President Lincoln was born in County, Kentucky and was President during the Civil War. Lincoln as a Republican spent five years of this reuniting America through out Civil War. As a crisis leader, Lincoln showed great leadership skills with the Second Inaugural Address. As for relationship of Congress he help draft the 13th Amendment. In regards to his vision of America, he made it clear to help in the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln succeeded in promoting an equal justice and opportunity for all with his Emancipation Proclamation. To a large extent as President Abraham Lincoln excelled in the areas of crisis leadership, vision/agenda of America, relations with Congress, and mostly pursuit of equal justice for all.

My boyfriend called me a.....?

Well for starters, don't strike a guy. Sorry but if a man can't legally hit you assuming you're a woman then there's no way you should instigate a physical fight like that and hit him meanwhile expecting him not to hit you. Secondly, it's best to just dump this loser he really shouldn't be verbally abusive and calling you a ***** like that.

Message to all 1991'ers?


Finacial aid appeal question?

Your father going to jail has nothing to do with you, they will never ask you if your parents committed a crime, only you. If I was you, I would talk to the Dean of the School to let them know you had a hard time during that quarter and show proof of the appointments that you did and the working the extra hours and ask for a pardon to retake the classes. Talk with financial aide as well about this as well after you talk to the dean. I'm sorry, I hope all works out. God bless!

Should i be angry at my boyfriend?

We've been together for almost 6 months. Im his first gf and he's very attached. Yesterday my ex talked to me and told me he wanted to get back together and stuff. I told my bf what my ex said and he said "i'll go to your house tomorrow (which is today) to hang out and talk about it" and a while ago he told me he was going to come so i was happy but then he told me his cousin invited him canoeing. So he's going... I acted like it was fine, he didn't apologize or anything. He told me the guys will drink and they have weed. My boyfriend does not drink but he rarely smokes. Idk if he will smoke. But do u think i have the right to be angry that he ain't coming over today? I mean its not like he never visits me but he had already told me he was coming over and all of a sudden he isn't coming anymore. No apology no nothing. I feel like he isn't taking it seriously that i want to talk to him about my ex (his friend). It kind of makes it seem like he don't care.

Essay Suggestions? 10 Free POINTS:)?

My last and final essay has to be about independence, an event in my life that made me think about my life and something that made me feel independent!!... but the big twist is tying it together with the constitution, the Gettysburg address, and Lincoln's second inaugural address.. I don't have any actual independence story, except moving out at 16 and starting college, but I used that story last year! I want to make up a story. Any Suggestions!!?

What are the plates in electric components made of and what do they sell for scrap?

I've been cutting up everything from stuck contactors to grounded compressors with my new job an ac service technician. Bossman said I can sell anything I change for scrap to make some extra money because it ain't worth his time and is trash to him. I can name every metal i have except those plates and would like to know what they are made of and worth per pound approximately. Does anybody know the price approximately of no.1 copper, no.2 copper, aluminum, steel, tin/sheetmetal, and those plates thanks for any input.

If a 911 Caller Gets Subpoena To Court Do They Have The Right NOT To Testify?

Do they have the right NOT to testify all they did was dial 911 they didn't see anything but a gun and shots getting fired and a dead floor on the body but they didn't see the shooter and the detective never came to show a line up of the suspect so how would that play out in court? This is in the state of ohio!

Why can women ask men out?

That's because they have no idea what it's like to be a man they expect us to look good dress good have a good job a nice house a nice car and buy them expensive things and they expect to just look good and they think just becaus they birth children they're better than us. Women don't get that were not emotional like them cause if we were everytime we got rejected by a woman which has got to be what 50-1 we'd all kill ourselves lol

What numbers can I call to tell CPS I'm moveing out and to call the court house to get permission?

I'm 16 next months by bday and well the people I live with just told me I can move out that the doors open so imma take it I've been here almost 10 years and theyer assholes imma foster child and I ain't putting up with their crap anymore I have 3 sisters here to and theirs two other kids to I'm the oldest and I was sent to Mexico for a year with my mother I'm not suppose to be with CPs took us away for a reason and well these people I live with are always using their words to hurt us because they know if they hit us will fight back!! Anyway I need numbers to get my permission to move out alone I don't have money but I got alittle in my bank but I can't get that till I'm 18 and well I'm also gonna look for a job once my bday comes and after awhile and get a big enough house for my sisters to I want the permission to adopt them to. I need help but I don't want help from family their the reason I'm here and the reason I wanna leave.

Am I being too subtle or something?

Give him your number and see if he texts you, or ask for his number and text him first. Or make him a sammich next time you see him, that would make any guys day. Not even kidding.

Jehovah Witness: Who is the first and the last?

Ask the next witness who comes to your door for a revelation book. You are misunderstanding who is talking in your revelation Scriptures

B&A: If your character(s) had to go to court...?

I'm saved by the fact that none of the worlds I've created have a court system in place. So many of my characters wouldn't be able to be 'tried' or 'sentenced'--according to the current case in question.

Is DeRozan the sleeper in the Slam Dunk Contest?

I agree with you, Griffin and DeRozan are the only players in the contest that could take home the trophy. Javale and Serge are high fliers, nothing more.

Need some advice from a female!?

So I'll try and make this quick. I'm 21, she is 20. We met awhile ago, I really like her. She told me she likes me, and is very interested. She Is the innocent type only been with 1 guy and obviously not a slut. She is always eager to hang out, and for the most part we do. She even asks me about hanging out more than i ask her. Anyway Sometimes when i text her, she wont text back for like a couple of days, or when we make plans(plans that aren't set in stone yet) and I text her the day of asking if she did want to hang out she wont respond. Am I being played? Whats going on? She told me she was way into me and she is more eager to hang out than it seems like I do for the most part. Should i take this heart? IDK whats going on. Its crazy. Its not like a few hours between response time its like days. And I will see on her face book and shi%, So i know she ain't busy lol. I like this chick, but I'm about 2 seconds away from ignoring her.. permanently.

I need clothes for court- does Goodwill have decent clothes?

Of course I know they are used and donated, but is there any chance I can find something to wear when I testify in court next week? My husband got laid off and money is very, very tight right now.

I wanna become a rapper, do you think I Can? Tell me what you guys think?

I don't know if you'd be a good rapper but the lyrics are okay i guess. I'm more into pop. Do good in school, don't lay all the eggs in one basket okay? make sure your taken care of

What does it mean when a guy calls you ugly behind your back?

There's this guy that nicknamed me ugly behind my back. My friends all think I'm pretty and I had a couple boyfriends. Today I saw that guy talking to two of my admirers at school. Ain't it suspicious? And to top it off he just started to act like a jerk this term. He was nice to me last term.

Chorus grant or scholarship?

I used this site to search and compare different scholarships and got money to pay my college -

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who knows about antiques? i have something here im curious about....?

I have in my posession a copy of JFK's Inaugural Address dated January 20, 1961. Its recorded on a vinyl 33. This is a Memorial Album. It has newspaper articles on the back of it. The exterior is in decent condition, and the album itself is in great condition. I have no idea how much it might be worth, but some tips, and advice would help thank you.

Why do unions support monopolies and oligopolies?

They're all part of corporatism, unions answer to government. Government uses cronyism to favor its corporate interests (we see it with bailouts and tax leniency predominately), chances are this is already a done deal for AT&T. What we're seeing is nothing more than an act to trick the ignorant, a masquerade of law.


What is William Lloyd Garrison's main point in his "Inaugural Editorial"? What "facts" does he offer to support his position?

Can someone critique the prologue to my story?

This has some good elements but this is too random for a prologue. Especially if this person is not a major character, why put this before your story? If this scene can be put somewhere into your story, why use it as a prologue? This is a great, descriptive scene but it isn't a good opening to a story. A beginning has to grab the reader's attention. A prologue should only be used to explain back story that can't be fit neatly into your plot. This is a good scene...It just doesn't have enough to grab the attention of the reader. It sounds like a fashion magazine article and there isn't any feeling to the characters. This is good but with some work this could be great. Best of luck!

What can i expect? Going to court for rear end collision..?

Many of these insurance companies are always ripping you off at every chance they get. I had ONE accident in which the damage was smaller than the deductible, so I for it myself. But when I had to renew my policy, they charged me extra. It's absolutely rediculous. I had to change, luckily, I found this info here: and was able to quickly find the lowest rate currently with the same policy. I think I dropped my rate by around $180

Why does my sister not bother with me anymore?? or her niece?

My sis is 19, i am 23 and my daughter is two. Me and my sister are both due to have babies v. soon. My sis has literally moved around the corner from me with her boyfriend. but she never bothers to meet up go shopping, see her niece or anything. she don't bother going round my mum and dads either. but she is happy to spend all day round her boyfriends mums house. She didn't even bother getting me a card for my birthday. and whenever I phone her she can't be bothered to come round or go out. she don't seem to bother much with her friends either. she seems attached to the hip of her dosser boyfriend. I don't understand why she don't wanna see me or she arranges and blows me out with a stupid excuse. I know she ain't got a problem with me or our mum and dad. And i'm so pissed off as were a close family, and all like to keep in touch. why is she being like this?

Who and How would you leave your assets to ensure proper care of pets?

My assets are substantial. I can't trust my own son (he has proven time and again he would simply piss away what I have worked for). My immediate family doesn't seem to care about my pets as I do and simply want the money. I can't trust any of them to care for my best buddies as I do. I have two dogs and a cat I want cared for throughout their life (not just food and medication but to be loved, played with and cared for as I do now). Any ideas? (Don't respond by being a smartass such as give it all to me or why would you leave it to animals (nope u ain't getting it and because they are there for me everyday and love me for who I am and not what I own). I'm asking because I'm very serious. They are my best buddies day in and day out and they have a great life right now. I have a large home on private acerage in which they run free, eat all they want, always properly medicated and adored each day (they are pitbulls so city life is out of the question along with my "vicious" cat :)). They would be miserable and confused being chained or caged and I can't/won't allow this for them when I die. I'm in the process of updating my Will and any realistic suggestions or ideas are entertained and appreciated. Thank You.

Boyfriend trouble.. HELP PLEASE!?

You just have to sit down and have a nice talk with him.It's the only thing you can do. Ask him how he feels about her, how much he loves you, etc. But if one of you gets upset, you need to walk away or solve it together in a calm way. I hope everything goes well for you.

Do you think CPS is corrupt?

I can't say that CPS is corrupt through and through, but I do believe there is a great deal of corruption within CPS. I have seen for myself that caseworkers lie and exaggerate in order to take kids away from homes where they were not at risk. (And no, I have never been investigated. I've seen it happen to other people.) You have to be aware that there's a great deal of money handed over to local CPS offices on a per-child basis. Utah, for example, spends $46,000+ per child per year to keep a kid in foster care, and most of that DOES NOT go to the foster parents. It stays in the department to fund the department or goes to pay "service providers" (mental health professionals, etc.) who profit from the child protection industry. People do what you pay them to do. CPS gets paid (funded) to remove kids from their homes. Even when the kids are returned eventually, many of them have been injured or traumatized by the time they get to come home. The system needs serious reform, and it needs to have some very bad apples weeded out.

Are witnesses granted immunity from the law when they testify?

Occasionally, a witness might be granted partial immunity from prosecution as part of a plea bargain. It's unusual for the witness to get complete immunity.

Exxon-Mobil CEO whos wife spend some big amount of money on luxurys....? I can't find it.?

If is not Exxon-Mobil is another oil company. I believe this story came out when they testified in the Senate like a year ago. Who was the CEO and what was the issue with his wife?


No, you didn't "come". When you get turned on you get like that down there to prepare for sex. It's self lubrication. You two sound like you're friends with benefits. If you are both okay with just hooking up and no commitment then go for it.

Do you think maybe you should be careful what you wished for?

Life is getting ready to change radically for most all people. That's why I ask the question. The complaining that has been done over the last four to eight years will pale in comparison to how your lives will be in the near future. So batten down the hatches and remember how bad Jimmy Carter was? You ain't seen nothing yet!! Enjoy a new way of living. It's a given.

What are some generic quotes for the ACT?

remember, the ACT writing section is trying to test if your spelling, grammar, rhetorical reasoning are correct. how you put the words together for the sentences to flow and your message are more important.

So i'm currently in a Landlord /Tenant suit with me being the Tenant that is very close to a settlement as we?

speak. This case has gotten so out of hand it is scheduled for a Jury Trial on July 21,2011.. Anyway as i stated the negotiating has come very close to being settled but now, I recently just got word from my neighbors that the Landlord has been calling them and slamming my name and business with the information regarding court and other personal business to them and calling me all kinds of names and also accusing me of things that never happened.. My neighbors said they were appalled and couldn't believe the L.L. did such a thing, so i was just wondering if there is anything i can legally do, My neighbors said they will absolutely come to court to testify if needed.. Please help.

Is it right for two people on fede probation who commit a first degree felony together to remain living togeth?

i am a victim of aggravated burglary when the three people are on federal probation living together and committed a 1 degree felony by coming to my home and barging in to beat me up. The two remain living together and in the same mobile home park and i have been threatened to not testify

How to prepare for CAT? Specially the ENGLISH part.?

hey i'm an undergrad 1st year... (joining the IITs this year) ... i dont think maths is going to be much of a problem...wel my english ain't THAT weak but i have got no idea about the patterns and how to prepare for it.... please HELP!!! I've got 4 years in hand and wanna make it count....

Legal question about being subpoenaed?

Was anything done wrong if an attorney who was subpoenaed to appear first day of trial to testify didn't show up until the second day of trial?

JFK Inaugural Speech?

what was the speech mainly about? What do you think it lacked as well? (like if you could find any faults in his speech what would you say they were? thanks!

Casey Anthony Trial: Does anyone know when or if Dr. G will testify?

I would imagine so. She gave a deposition last year regarding her ruling. I'm sure when the case moves along that far (they are going in chronological order of the events) the defense will want to question that ruling - 'a homicide of unknown origin.' I'm sure the prosecution and the defense will want her to elaborate on that.

Do you think it's possible to install a mute button on kids?

man I wish! but yeah have a lie down, put some kids shows on or a movie or something that will get their attention for a while and have a rest, have some water too as dehydration can make headaches worse.

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, And the skies are not cloudy all day?

Leave it alone. Current teaching facilitates drug use, crime among students, and early dropping-out by kids waay to smart and worldly wise to remain in the classroom. In turn, this is good for the economy because it keeps police, guards, lawyers, court and corrections officers employed. It's a delicate balance. Bringing any degree of thoughtfulness, common sense, or wisdom into our school system should be punished harshly and immediately. Failure to control the controls we put on kids will eventually result in students believing it's ok to fly the American flag, pray in school, and before long there won't be a backward-worn hat or pair of baggy-*** jeans to bee seen in the halls.

Christians, explain these contradictions?

not everything in the bible are words taken directly from God. alot of the bible is written by men. which make mistakes. lets not also forget all of the words lost in translation since the original bible was not written in english.

Im 29yrs old & always tired and lazy?

I never want to do anything. I've been like this for a little over a year, and it seems to be getting worse. All I want to do is lay around in bed, I take naps a lot throughout the day and sometimes can't fall asleep at night because of all my naps. I have 4 kids who are not babies anymore, and while im in my lazy mode my husband will take care of them. I feel like I have no energy to do anything or even play with my kids,or take them to the park or pool or ride there bikes because I feel so tired. And from me feeling so tired I feel like im always sick, ill always say my stomach hurts or I have a headache or ant excuse. And im never in the mood to have sex because I feel exusted and no energy. I will be honest I don't take vitamins because im scared to swallow pills I ain't even take meds for a headache. I don't exercise. I do nothing but lay in bed and watch TV. I just stopped working 3months ago in April I got fired because I didn't want to do anything but sit around,i worked at that job for 15yrs.and I've tried to fix this problem and I can't. What can I do to fix this problem does anyone have any ideas? Please. I need to be here for my kids. I feel like that show hoarders or addicted but in a different sense im addicted to being lazy! Please someone give me some advise!

In what context did John Kennedy say the following:?

Kennedy said these words in a commencement address he delivered at the American University in Washington, D.C. on June 10, 1963. The speech was entitled "A Strategy of Peace."

Is this enough to be emancipated?

In order to be granted emancipation by family court, you must have enough money to support yourself, and permission of your parents since they will no longer be required to support you, or have control over your actions. You need to check your state law about other requirements.

I have a question about Jesus when he was crucified..?

Were the Jewish pharasees and scribes and the roman soldiers who killed him were going to be saved? Jesus said "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do" maybe? I remember one of the Roman soldiers were testified for the truth, so did the Centurion. Also, one of the robbers (i think to his left) were saved too. So maybe the Jewish scribes/pharisees and the soldiers?

Children stolen from their home. Is there some way to over rule what the judge has unjustly ordered?

My brother and I have been stolen from our safe, loving home with our father and are being forced to live with our abusive mother by a familial court judge after 6 months of us choosing not to have contact with her. My brother is 10 and I'm 16, and at our last hearing, on June 20th, my brother and I testified for the first time in 4 years after going back and forth to court for our neurotic mothers erroneous accusations against our father who has done his best to protect us from our mother since she kidnapped us in 2007. When my parents divorce was finalized in 2009, the judge granted my father full custody of me and my brother but now, with out even looking at any of evidence my father, brother, and I have built up over the past few years against our mom, and with out even taking our ages into account, the judge just ups and changes the custody arrangement. Also, my mom has lied about EVERYTHING every time we went to court and she has not been punished for it in anyway. Look I could go on and on with the details but the main point is that this judge has made a ruling that is completely morally wrong and illegal. My father has contacted basically every one for help, including DHS and ( even though we now they couldn't do much) the FBI, but no one has done anything. Does anyone know of someone that could help us? Is there some way to over rule what the judge has unjustly ordered?

According to The Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address...?

Hint: Try rereading King's speech and understand what he's trying to say. Then, relate to the Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg Address. Compare and ask yourself: How are both writings significant?

What makes a woman think that having a baby will better a relationship that's on the rocks?

Babies are cool and all but they come with a lot of responsibility and stress, and adding all of that to an already stressful situation is bound to make matters worse. I've got a friend who's been with her boyfriend for a little over a year, and for the past several months their relationship hasn't been so great. She recently found out she's almost 3 months pregnant, and her thinking is that this baby will make the relationship better. I've tried to tell her in very nice ways that she shouldn't get her hopes up, but she won't listen. She sincerely believes this baby will make things all better between her and her boyfriend, but from the way he acts... it ain't workin. I just don't understand where this thinking comes from.

How to get assistant for teen mothers?

Hello im 17 yr an im trying to look for assistand that will help me with money problem for my 6month old daughter. Where i live is a small town where there are no job opening every job here is taken. I tryed apply for jobs here where i live but they never get back at me, yeah my mom helps me sometime an my daughter dad but they really ain't a big help with buying stuff. So i kinda need help with getting assistant with financial. Is there any program that you know of that can help. Well thank u for ur time an your help

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is there a way for a domestic violence case to be dropped?

I have been subpeoned to be a witness/victim...My ex girlfriend hit me multiple times, i called the cops, she got arrested and now we have to go to court. Me and my ex girlfriend love each other still and I do not want anything to happen to her...I must go to court to testify my side of the story...Is there any way around this there anyone I can talk to for me to not have to go to court...or if they can cancel my subpoena...or if they can drop the case...I love her so much and want to get back with her regardless of this situation, I still love her...What can I do? Please someone help me...and also how can I get her restraining order taken off...she does not need that, it is unnecessary...


A few days ago me and my girlfriend were driving over this bridge near my house and when we got on the bridge my girlfriend accidentally bumped into the back of another woman's car when we pulled back there was no noticeable damage to the car but the lady called the police anyways. Once the police officer got there he noticed there was no damage to the bumper either and told my girlfriend that if she would take it to court he would testify for her. Today we just gotta call from the lady and she wants $610 to buff out the scratch or $780 to replace the whole bumper (keep in mind this car is brand new) but the problem with this is my girlfriend is only 17 and she works at the mall, there is no way she could pay it off seeing as though she only makes around $80 to a $100 a week. And the woman wants it payed off in 3 to 5 days... So what should she do? Take it to small claims? Or is there no way out of it?

Was anyone surprised when Garry Ablett was announced as the Gold Coast Suns captain?

No Shifty. He said earlier in the year he wanted the captaincy at Geelong, and was knocked back. IMO it went to securing his defection, and I would not be surprised if it was actually part of his defection deal. I am pretty sure he will be a good captain as he does lead by example, I think the biggest question will be how long little brother manages to hang around, as we all know he left Geelong four years ago cause he didn't like/couldn't handle, the afl lifestyle. He will be a good captain and has a good supporting leadership group on paper at least. Another question, which can only be answered during the season, will be how all these superstars egos gel into what should be a formidable partnership. cheers mate.

I was recently charged with possession with the intent to sell narcotics. The thing is that they belonged to a?

Room mate that happened to live in the living room on a sofa couch. He stored the drugs in my room ( I know very stupid of me im beating myself up daily) in which lies my delema. If i have previous roommates of his as well as my other current roommate, and friends that are willing to testify against him/ for me will that present any type defense for me. These people are all college graduates and well respected people.