Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who and How would you leave your assets to ensure proper care of pets?

My assets are substantial. I can't trust my own son (he has proven time and again he would simply piss away what I have worked for). My immediate family doesn't seem to care about my pets as I do and simply want the money. I can't trust any of them to care for my best buddies as I do. I have two dogs and a cat I want cared for throughout their life (not just food and medication but to be loved, played with and cared for as I do now). Any ideas? (Don't respond by being a smartass such as give it all to me or why would you leave it to animals (nope u ain't getting it and because they are there for me everyday and love me for who I am and not what I own). I'm asking because I'm very serious. They are my best buddies day in and day out and they have a great life right now. I have a large home on private acerage in which they run free, eat all they want, always properly medicated and adored each day (they are pitbulls so city life is out of the question along with my "vicious" cat :)). They would be miserable and confused being chained or caged and I can't/won't allow this for them when I die. I'm in the process of updating my Will and any realistic suggestions or ideas are entertained and appreciated. Thank You.

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