Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Boyfriend Called Me A....?

Well you have a right to be upset.. dont listen to some of these stupid answers. First you have a right to be angry because he was LATE and stood you up!!!!!!!! (of course you need an explanation, you need to ask questions. Second he was drunk! Guys that abuse alcohol to the point that they forget or disrespectful may be alcloholics or abuse booze or drugs. And the reason they abuse alcohol or drugs because one of both of their parents did . They may also abuse alcohol because they were neglected or physically or sexually abused as a child... He probably need professional treament or help and you cant help him unless he wants help. You should also see a counsellor to see why you are attracted to such a person... where one of your parents an alcoholic too... do you think you deserve less. Have some confidence and please see a college counsellor of psychologist please. And him calling you names is emotional abuse... please dont take this crap any longer, it only gets worse and worse and he bad behaviour repeats especially when he gets drunk. Have some respect for yourself as well and tell yourself you deserve better. Its a vicious cycle. Sometimes love isnt enough, you need trust, respect and common sense in a relationship. You should leave this and work on yourself, he wont change, he is too young and usually dont unless they hit rock bottom... dont waste precious time when you can find a guy that doesnt drink or do drugs and has a job and has respect and honest when he says he will meet you somewhere...

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