Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who do you call for help if?

Who do you call for help if you have been working for a business that a family member owns and you live in that persons house and you are told that your paychecks are being put in the bank for you and after 2 and a half years you find out that there never were any pay checks being pur in the bank for you. That the wages were never reported. That other than many clients who can testify to all the work you've done, and other employees testifying .....etc. The biggest issue at hand is even if nothing else the work would account for room and board. When you discover that you've been taken advantage of and decide to stop working for nothing, and get thrown on the streets without a paycheck or food - again this is after working 2.5 years full time and living there any housing protection to go to for prevention against being thrown out without notice and without any of the money I earned? What can I do? I guess I can't even file for unemployment becuase my work was not being reported. The locks were changed and I find myself homeless with no payvheck or food. Who do I go to report this? What rights do I have?

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