Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who can help me to intercede to God for His mercy when I die?

Well first off, there is a difference between being morally right, VS being saved! God is not looking for morally right people. He looking for saved individuals. Being saved mean, to believe that jesus christ is the sun of god, forsaking your entire life to allow christ to live on the inside of you so you can be his wittness here on earth. Sir, the fact that you feel remorseful about your condition let's you know that God is pulling at your heart, the devil wouldn't want you to even care about life after death. There is Hope for you, and God is yet full of Grace and mercy. My suggestion to you is to find pray that the Lord lead you to a Holinss church. There are so many ministries that are perverting the gosple, but you need a holiness church, holiness is God's Devine Nature, 2peter, 1:4 encouraged!

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