Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Someone please help dont know what to do?

So me and my ex where together 12 yr and we have 1 child together we broke up about a month ago because I b**** a lot and I stoped taking care of the way I looked and he said he didn't love me like that anymore well since then he's been seeing someone who is 10 yrs older but he still kisses me and says he loves me and dosent want me to move on I'm moving to florida and I'm scared it might make it worse casue he ain't coming he said to me the other night he dosent wanna lose me forever but then he will say don't get your hopes up he said if it don't work out here he will move to florida eventually I don't know if he's ******* with my head or if he wants to be with me he said can't predict the future if we get back together but he kisses me says he loves me and acts like he wants to be with me I just don't know what to think what do u guys think????

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