Wednesday, August 3, 2011


my parents are always down on me all the time! I stay out of trouble and get good grades but still! she always trys to find something ive done wrong, she never lets me swallow my pride ever! Like yesterday we were at a grocery store and when we were leaving she was rushing out of the store and I thought I had grabbed every bag. and then when we came home we realized a bag was missing, my mom started yelling at me and saying" I CANT COUNT ON YOU ON ANYTHING! GET THE **** OUT OF MY FACE! and then she called the store and the said they had the bag and the were saving them so we could get them later. AND THEN SHE STARTED TELLING ME I WAS GOOD FOR NOTHING AND BLAH BLAH BLAH! IT OLD HER I WAS SORRY AND EVERYTHING AND MEANT IT! SHE ALWAYS VERBALLY AND PHISICALLLY ABUSES ME all the time she choked me 3 months ago. shoves me against walls. hits me. etc. and calls me names gets in face. she about disrespects in everyway. She Freaks out when I drink Monster saying OMG YOUR GONNA MESS UP YOUR HEART I SAY IF YOU CAN DRINK THAT OR NOT! and she controlls me over little things. and a lot of kids my age drink monster( im 14 about 15( in december) and they have not had heart problems. It only can if you binge on it! like drink 2 or 3 a day! and I only drink monster every once in a while!and its just 1. I try to avoid my mom everyday because she always finds something to treat me like sh!t everyday. she finds something to yell at me about! and I went to go listen to music and shes like STOP ISOLATING YOURSELF YOUR GONNA END UP A SERIAL KILLER!.( Ain't that some sh!t coming from someone who would whip me with a belt leaving marks on me when i was 5 or 6 and almost choking me to death when i was the same age.) I dont how to get over this! I can't leave because I cant stay at another family or friends house, I wish I could get a job and support myself. but obviously i cant apartments rent 500-1000 dollars a month and what job could I get to support that! im only 14 so i can't get a job! her abuse has gotten overboard she even hit me for knocking over a glass of water on accident. and now whenever i knock over a glass of water I just wanna cuss myself out because i feel so stupid! how can I live through this?

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