Friday, August 5, 2011

What numbers can I call to tell CPS I'm moveing out and to call the court house to get permission?

I'm 16 next months by bday and well the people I live with just told me I can move out that the doors open so imma take it I've been here almost 10 years and theyer assholes imma foster child and I ain't putting up with their crap anymore I have 3 sisters here to and theirs two other kids to I'm the oldest and I was sent to Mexico for a year with my mother I'm not suppose to be with CPs took us away for a reason and well these people I live with are always using their words to hurt us because they know if they hit us will fight back!! Anyway I need numbers to get my permission to move out alone I don't have money but I got alittle in my bank but I can't get that till I'm 18 and well I'm also gonna look for a job once my bday comes and after awhile and get a big enough house for my sisters to I want the permission to adopt them to. I need help but I don't want help from family their the reason I'm here and the reason I wanna leave.

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