Friday, August 5, 2011

Need some advice from a female!?

So I'll try and make this quick. I'm 21, she is 20. We met awhile ago, I really like her. She told me she likes me, and is very interested. She Is the innocent type only been with 1 guy and obviously not a slut. She is always eager to hang out, and for the most part we do. She even asks me about hanging out more than i ask her. Anyway Sometimes when i text her, she wont text back for like a couple of days, or when we make plans(plans that aren't set in stone yet) and I text her the day of asking if she did want to hang out she wont respond. Am I being played? Whats going on? She told me she was way into me and she is more eager to hang out than it seems like I do for the most part. Should i take this heart? IDK whats going on. Its crazy. Its not like a few hours between response time its like days. And I will see on her face book and shi%, So i know she ain't busy lol. I like this chick, but I'm about 2 seconds away from ignoring her.. permanently.

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