Friday, August 5, 2011

Should i be angry at my boyfriend?

We've been together for almost 6 months. Im his first gf and he's very attached. Yesterday my ex talked to me and told me he wanted to get back together and stuff. I told my bf what my ex said and he said "i'll go to your house tomorrow (which is today) to hang out and talk about it" and a while ago he told me he was going to come so i was happy but then he told me his cousin invited him canoeing. So he's going... I acted like it was fine, he didn't apologize or anything. He told me the guys will drink and they have weed. My boyfriend does not drink but he rarely smokes. Idk if he will smoke. But do u think i have the right to be angry that he ain't coming over today? I mean its not like he never visits me but he had already told me he was coming over and all of a sudden he isn't coming anymore. No apology no nothing. I feel like he isn't taking it seriously that i want to talk to him about my ex (his friend). It kind of makes it seem like he don't care.

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