Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Legal help!!!! very very urgent!!!?

me and my gf have been staying at our friends house for awile and there is this guy who is in a gang who hangs out there and i believed he was stealing my things, so anyways, i got dropped off there to get my things, and my gf told me that she knows he has been stealing my things because he told someone else, my friends were going to go in with me just in case his gang was going to try to jump me, but my friends had to be home so they gave me brass knuckles just in case they tried fighting me.... so i went in the house to get my things and he was in our room drunk and high on xanax, i told him that i know he was stealing my stuff and he got up and started yelling because i accused him of this, i went outside and he came out looking for his hat, he found his hat and continued to argue with me, he became very aggresive and walked towards me and swung, i ducked and hit him with the brass knuckles twice, he then went to his side of town to get his friends to come and beat me up but they couldnt find me, so someone who did not witness the fight, called the poilice and i was taken to jail for 5 days until i got bonded out, the person who i hit has no clue what happened at all and nobody at the house will go and testify against me, i have never been in trouble in my life and they are charging me with aggrivated assault, possesion of metallic knuckles, and felonious assault, i am wondering that when i go to court next week, if he shows up, he will have to lie because of the simple fact that he doesnt remember what happened, so if he does show up and say that i attacked him, will i get sentenced to jail time even though its my first offense?? and if he doesnt show up, will it be dropped?? i live in battle creek michigan btw.... and i am very scared about whats going to happen. someone please help me

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