Thursday, August 4, 2011

Children stolen from their home. Is there some way to over rule what the judge has unjustly ordered?

My brother and I have been stolen from our safe, loving home with our father and are being forced to live with our abusive mother by a familial court judge after 6 months of us choosing not to have contact with her. My brother is 10 and I'm 16, and at our last hearing, on June 20th, my brother and I testified for the first time in 4 years after going back and forth to court for our neurotic mothers erroneous accusations against our father who has done his best to protect us from our mother since she kidnapped us in 2007. When my parents divorce was finalized in 2009, the judge granted my father full custody of me and my brother but now, with out even looking at any of evidence my father, brother, and I have built up over the past few years against our mom, and with out even taking our ages into account, the judge just ups and changes the custody arrangement. Also, my mom has lied about EVERYTHING every time we went to court and she has not been punished for it in anyway. Look I could go on and on with the details but the main point is that this judge has made a ruling that is completely morally wrong and illegal. My father has contacted basically every one for help, including DHS and ( even though we now they couldn't do much) the FBI, but no one has done anything. Does anyone know of someone that could help us? Is there some way to over rule what the judge has unjustly ordered?

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