Saturday, August 6, 2011

Please help mee!????? Please read this question!:"(?

1st? if you have a sister that has a daughter , and has a husband that sexually abused me . would you fergive her or not? i strongly dislike her very much because he did it too me more than 100 times . it started when i was 6-13 and im 14 now, he is in jail now but she visits him and we had court yesterday and i saw him all our family saw him but my sister started fighting with us and dosnt want me to testify and to not talk to my attorney or to my detective. I am not selfish . i have strong feelings, i think i am very brave. i honestly dont want to talk to her for a long time. because i was so closed on being raped by her dumb husband and its like she dosnt even care? . he did it for almost 10 years and she cares for him alot because supposibly she only visits him for my niece but i know thats not true, she crys for him we always argue for him and im honestly tired of her. shes a selfish excuse me a selfish *****!. she dosnt even care for my feelings so why should i care for her? yet she suffers of what he did not it wasnt my fault i was just a child. what should i do? Please answer. \:

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