Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Friend was murdered by a 17 year old who claim self defense. Best friend was unarmed?

My best friend was a hard working, loving gay male. He has always been a victim of robbery and was getting tired of being targeted. he formed a relationship close to God and had talks with me about me building a stronger relationship with God. One week before he died he told me he felt cursed. He just love to make people smile and laugh. He told me that he wasn't scared to die because he was almost murdered 4 years ago. He testified against the guy and they still let him go. So he had the 1st guy on the loose but didnt stop him from living his life. This last time in January he was shot in the chest while sitting in his car. His body was found hanging out of the passenger door which was strange (i guess he tried to crawl for help) I am devastated and numb but not surprised. We were inseperable and i talked about death alot. This boy lied and said my friend came on to him! My best friend knows not to do that. This boy stole my friend phone as well. he ran away but was caught WITH the gun in 10 minutes. he is facing 1st degree murder with dispute. Will he get Life

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