Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why have farmers not counter sued Monsanto for GMF invasion?

Thats simple ......Monsanto only sues companies that actual make a business selling or cleaning the seed that was produced illegally. If a grower has a fraction of their seed as GM it is just a result of co-mingerling of the seed but if the seed is 90% GM it can only be produced through deliberate production of GM seed and if that is Monsanto Gm trait that is covered by a patent they have a right under the US constitution to sue. Patents are part of the rights of all Americans and if someone deliberately steals it then they can be stopped when they lose a lawsuit. You need to stop believing the crap you see on the internet. 99% of farmers that use GM crops are law abiding and often these farmers are the ones that are fed up of someone amongst them not paying their fair share. Also come 2014 they will be able to get the RR beans for free even though Monsanto will have to pay for maintaining the government required safety requirements. By the way this doesn't apply to corn. There is no cross contamination of corn seed through pollen.

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