Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In California, being an alleged victim that is subpeoned to be a witness in a domestic violence case?

Go to the DA and tell them you do not want to testify and tell them to drop the case.If they refuse, you as a citizen have rights. Tell her to get an attorney and if she cannot afford one, Ca laws says one has to be appointed.This is why California is broke. Too many stupid laws and lawsuits.The cost of living is too much and so are the attorney prices. Asking strangers here is not the best advise you can get.Where I live the victim usually has to file the charges or nothing much is done.With Domestic Violence people die easily so I am not surprised you both did not get charged.Feeling guilty because of your part? Attorneys are good at making you look extra stupid. That is why they charge such big money. Yet some are helpful.I try to live away from them. There are too many domestic violence cases all over because of mostly drugs and booze.There are free classes for all the problems and guess where this money comes from?

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