Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Accident hit them from behind, can we still get case dismissed?

My husband was driving his company truck while signaling to turn the car in front braked and he hit her from behind, the cops came made a report, gave him a ticket, ambulance was called over because one of the little girls head was hurting, but they were fine..but then the lady admitted to the cop that it was her fault that she did all of sudden braked hard to cause the accident. The cop scolded her and told not only you cost him a ticket but also a 500 deductable, and in Texas if you hit someone from behind they are at fault. The cop said to fight the case since she admitted to him it was her fault. Now we got a letter in the mail she is trying to sue his company for injury..What the hell..Can we win this if the cop testifies that she admitted it was her fault

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