Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do 'specific' dreams have a special meaning or significance?!?

Dreams are usually representations of your subconscious or what you did the day before. Normally dreams do not hold any specific meaning and are usually random. Depending on how to want to look at the dream it could mean many different things. For one it could mean nothing but on the other hand you probably believe that you are a kind caring person who would help someone who is in need and you would want a little compensation for all of your deeds that you do. For me personally if I have a dream that I remember clearly I usually look for deeper meanings even though that I know deep down that they are usually random and don't mean anything. Depending on your outlook on life I say that you should keep doing good deeds and helping others in need. There are not too many people like that in the world and we could always need more people to help out those in need. Who knows maybe your kind deeds may be rewarded someday.

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