Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do you agree with the Governor of New Mexico's plans to revoke drivers license to illegals?

As a native New Mexican I think it is a great idea. The illegal aliens never bothered to buy insurance any way. Living in a state where the worst part of the illegal alien problem went from a minor nuisance to having drive by shooting three or four times a month between various gangs in a small town. I have went from being a minority in my home town to being an endangered species. I grew up as part of the Anglo minority in my town most of my neighbors were and still are Chicanos. They hate the illegals much worse than I do.growing up the population was about 18,000 with maybe 100 or so illegal aliens who never stayed more than six months. Now the population is around 35 to 40 thousand of which 60% are illegals who do not give a damn about the law. They prey on US citizens with gusto and when we are not available each other with no though of who their victims are. Growing up my home did not have locks on the doors now there are three dead bolts on every outside door. The city council is planning on asking the Governor to send the National Guard to clean out the gangs.

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